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Ora Beach Hidden Paradise

Ora Beach Resort

Discover Ora Beach Maluku Island Ambon is the main city and seaport of Ambon Island and the capital of  Maluku province in Indonesia. Also known as Ambon Manise which means beautiful this fascinating city is home to towering volcanoes, rich history, sandy beaches, and unparalleled diving experiences. Once the major hub of the spice trade […]

Discover Kei Island

Gusung Island

Discover Kei Island Moluccas 4 Days Kei consists of 2 large islands, Kei Cecil (‘Small Kei’) and Kei Besar (‘Big Kei’) are kilometers of stunning white-sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs,s and crystal clear Kei Islands consist of 3 main islands. the most interesting island with the airport and the best beach – Pasir Panjang. connected […]