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Discover Kei Island Moluccas 4 Days

Kei consists of 2 large islands, Kei Cecil (‘Small Kei’) and Kei Besar (‘Big Kei’) are kilometers of stunning white-sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs,s and crystal clear

Kei Islands consist of 3 main islands. the most interesting island with the airport and the best beach – Pasir Panjang. connected by a bridge with Kei Dullah – the smallest of 3 and the entering point for the trip to Bair (small Raja Ampat) and some nice snorkeling. capital Tual Langgur spread around the bridge

Kei IslandHow to Get Kei Island

From Jakarta or Bali flight to Maluku ( Pattimura Airport  and to Kei Island ( Langgur Airport )  you have your choice of Lion/Wings or Garuda ( Garuda 4.00 – 5.25 pm)

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1: Flight from Jakarta or Bali to Ambon – Flight to Langgur Airport (4.00 – 5.25 pm) – Transfer to the resort

Meet and greet with our staff in Ambon Pattimura Airport and lunch at a local restaurant flight to Karel Sadsuitubun Airport (4.00 – 5.25 pm). Arrival in Langgur drive to the Resort, on the way, enjoy the sunset in Nirun Beach and transfer to the resort to rest and relax.

Accommodation: Bungalow Pasir Panjang or Similar

Day 2: Hopping Island ( Ngurtavur Beach – Hwang Cave – Ngurbloat Beach )

After breakfast snorkeling activities visit Ngurtavur Beach beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear, snorkeling activity in Hwang Cabe and lunch box enjoy the sunset in Ngurbloat Beach and back to the resort

Accommodation: Bungalow Pasir Panjang or Similar

Day 3: Hopping Island ( Bair Island / Mini of Raja Ampat, Adranan Island )

After breakfast hopping on the island by boat visit Bair Island’s beautiful landscape to see Mini Raja Ampat and enjoy the beach. Provide lunch box and visit Adranan Island. Back to the resort rest and relax.

Accommodation: Bungalow Pasir Panjang or Similar

Day 4: Langgur – Masbait Hill – Ambon Airport

After breakfast check out hotel flight back to Sadsuitubun airport on the way stop a visit to Masbait Hill, and arrive at Sadsuitubun airport to finish the program.