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Discover Ora Beach Maluku Island

Ambon is the main city and seaport of Ambon Island and the capital of  Maluku province in Indonesia. Also known as Ambon Manise which means beautiful this fascinating city is home to towering volcanoes, rich history, sandy beaches, and unparalleled diving experiences. Once the major hub of the spice trade in Indonesia, today Ambon is a bustling port and center of tourism and education.

Amazing stay sandy white beaches, and some of the world’s most fascinating diving locations. The mountainous region of Maluku boasts some of Indonesia’s most spectacular white beaches and sapphire shores. Part of the legendary Spice Islands, Maluku Islands were once known for their abundance of nutmeg, mace, and cloves – commodities once worth their weight in gold. This fascinating seaport archipelago is home to a stunning contrast of looming volcanoes and pristine beaches

Ora Beach ResortOra Beach Resort

Ora Beach is located in the north-central part of the island of Seram, in the Sawai Bay area. This wooden cottage was built on top of the sea. With Manuela National Park hills in the background, the sight is simply spectacular. you’ll see colorful corals in water so crystal clear you’ll find yourself where white sands cover the bottom of the sea. It was so clear that when a boat passed by, I could see the shadow at the bottom. Combined with different colors of the sea, from deep blue to turquoise, this is “Maldives” in Maluku!

Ora Beach 4 Days 3 Night Tour Packages

Day 1: Arrival Airport – Saleman Villages – Ora Beach Resort

Meet and greet with our staff at Ambon Pattimura Airport and directly to Hunimua Port. Arrival in Hunimua Port to Waipirit Port by Boat around 1,5 hours. Arrival in Waipirit port to Salman Villages for about 3 hours, arrival in resort transfer in and rest and relax.

Ora BeachDay 2: Snorkeling Activity and Photographs Activity

After breakfast prepare activity for snorkeling and photographs activity Photographs in Ora Beach and Cliff Haupia ( Tebing Batu Sawai), snorkeling find fish Nemo, Cave Tebing Batu, and Sea Cave Lunch and back to the resort

Day 3: Hopping Island

After breakfast to Waipirit Villages around 3 hours arrival in Waipirit to Hunimua by boat around 30 minutes. Arrival in Hunimua enjoy the beach at Liang Beach and Natsepa Beach. Beautiful white sand beaches. After enjoying Liang Beach and Natsepa Beach back to the resort rest and relax.

Ora BeachDay 4: Transfer out to the Airport

After breakfast check out hotel then transfer to Ambon airport and finish the program.