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Travelling in Yogyakarta

Here is an overview of an ideal 5 Days Yogyakarta Itinerary with my recommendations of places to visit in this order:

How To get from Bali Yogyakarta by Private Car and Ferry, by Train

The fastest way overland (and sea) to get from Bali to Yogyakarta is hiring a driver and car to take you directly from your Bali hotel to your Yogyakarta hotel. The ferry that runs only sea route from Bali to Java, from Gilimanuk ferry port in West Bali to Ketapang port in East Java, is a vehicle ferry. Your hotel can arrange a driver. The entire journey should take around 11 -12 hours; the ferry takes 45 minutes and the drive from Ketapang to Yogyakarta is around 1 hour.

From Ketapang Ferry to Banyuwangi Baru Train station just a walk 5 Minutes. You can take a train from Banyuwangi to Yogyakarta at 11.05 am – 23.47 pm by Wijaya Kusuma 12 hour. Executive IDR 380.000 ( USD 38 ) and Economy IDR 280.000 ( USD 28 ) or Sri Tanjung at 07.00 am Economy IDR 200.000 ( USD 20 )

How to Get from Bali or Jakarta by Plane

The easiest way, of course, is to take the short (1 hour 25 minutes) flight from Denpasar or Jakarta to Yogyakarta. There are currently eight flights a day with Garuda, Citilink, Indonesia Air Asia, Lion, and PT. Nam Air.

Yogyakarta is famous as one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia It is the cultural center of Java, Yogyakarta is located at the foot of Mount Merapi in the south-central part of Java Island. becomes the magnet for the tourists as it has many tourism objects that are worth visiting, such as cultural tourism, historical tourism, and the stunning beauty of nature. Yogyakarta Place of Interest provides popular of Borobudur and Prambanan tourist destinations spread out at the city and surrounding area.

Day 1, 2 North Yogyakarta including Dieng Plateau Highland and Magelang

North Yogyakarta including Magelang and Dieng Plateau Highland, as of late, is the hottest tourist spot in Yogyakarta – attracting digital nomads, Traveler, and just really down-to-earth people from all over the world. North Yogyakarta area Including Magelang and Dieng Plateau is not to be missed. From Yogyakarta airport is a 1,5 hours Borobudur area and 2 hours to Dieng Plateau drive.

Best Things to Do North Yogyakarta Including Magelang and Dieng Plateau

Golden Sunrise Sikunir Dieng Plateau

Sikunir hill one of the places to enjoy the magnificent sun that rises at dawn. The hill situated an altitude of 2263 meters above sea level, where many people say that “Here is a place to watch the best beautiful golden sunrise in Indonesia”. Here we can see the beauty of Mount Sindoro, Slamet and other mountain ranges. located 8 kilometers from Dieng and to this mountain we have to climb start from 4 am early in the morning.

Entrance Fee : USD 1,5

Lake Complex Dieng Plateau

Beautiful Lake in Dieng Highland you can visit Color Lake, Mirror Lake, Batu Pandang viewpoint

Entrance Fee : USD 3

Entrance Fee: Weekday USD 10 and Weekend USD

Arjuna temple Complex

Arjuna Complex Hindu Temple

Dieng temples is the group of 7th and/or eighth century Hindu temple compounds located in Dieng PlateauArjuna Temple Complex Arjuna temple, Semar temple, Srikandi temple, Puntadewa temple, Sembadra temple

Borobudur Sunrise

Borobudur Sunrise

Spend your morning tour discover Borobudur Sunrise, Borobudur biggest Buddhist temple in the ninth century measuring 123×123 meters was built by King Samaratungga on of the king of Old Mataram Kingdom the decendant of Syailendra Dynasti.

Entrance Fee Borobudur Sunrise : USD 50

Borobudur : USD 35

Kalibiru National Park

Yogyakarta Tour Packages

Kalibiru National Park beautiful park of lush nature, peaceful environment, and beautiful views. The park is located in the Menoreh hills, at 450 meters above sea level. Except beautiful nature and views, the park offers great sunsets and fun outdoor activities, such as tree tops that offers great views, flying fox and trekking.

Entrance Fee : USD 10

Chicken Church

highest point the Chicken Church is also a great lookout overseeing the Magelang region, and you can even spot Borobudur temple in the distance.

Entrance Fee : USD 5

Lava Tour Mount Merapi

Lava Tour

Mount Merapi active volcano as your backdrop. Pose with a jeep. best time to visit Mount Merapi is leaving early morning

Cost:  Rp350,000 per jeep max 4 pax. ($35.5)

Address: Merapi Museum Kaliurang Km 22,6 Sleman Yogyakarta (1 hour drive from the city)

Best Time to Visit: before sunrise

See All Accommodation

Kresna Wonosobo Hotel

Kresna Hotel formerly run by a family from Netherland and as a stopover for European especially Dutch who will visit Dieng Plateau. in the Dieng Plateau besides its natural beauty can also be encountered any Hindu temples from the 7th century

Address: Jl. Pasukan Ronggolawe No.30, Wonosobo Timur, Wonosobo Tim, Kec. Wonosobo, Kabupaten Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah 56311

Telepon: (0286) 324111

Budget around: USD 80

Dieng Homestay

There not many hotels to choose from in Dieng. Those that exist are mostly very basic and overpriced, Pondok Bamboo Homestay a bit recommended.

Manohara provides opportunity for immersion in Javanese culture, offering trips to ceremonies, temples and antique shops

Budget around : USD 30

Manohara Borobudur

Manohara Hotel Borobudur only located nearby of Borobudur. This sanctuary hotel is located within a natural amphitheater, with the limestone Menoreh Hills rising gently behind, the Kedu Plain in front and 4 volcanoes (Sumbing and Sindoro the West, Merbabu and Merapi to East) on the horizon.

Budget around : USD 130

Rumah Dharma

Rumah Dharma Homestay recommended for stay area Borobudur ( Facilities: Air Conditioner, Pool, Breakfast, WIFI, Rice Field View )

Budget around : USD 40

Day 3, 4 Central Yogyakarta & South Yogyakarta – ( Gunung Kidul Area and Bantul )

Yogyakarta is bustling town some half million people and popular tourist destination on Java, largely thanks to its proximity to the temples Prambanan. The town is a hub of art and education, offers some good shopping in and has a wide range of tourist facilities. Gunung Kidul or Wonosari area. Gunungkidul district in Yogyakarta Province that has a very large area. Gunungkidul is a region that is full of enchanting destinations, from caves, waterfalls, beaches, and other natural beauties.

Timang Beach Gondola

Best Things to Do Central and South Yogyakarta Gunung Kidul

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is one of eight inscribed UNESCO heritage sites in Indonesia. Built the 9th century, this majestic Hindu temple which was actually built later in the 12th century. we hear that sunset view in Prambanan is amazing too.

Cost: Rp325,000 Adult ($33), Rp195,000 Student ($20)

Address: Bokoharjo Sleman Regency Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sultan Palace

Sultan Palace a traditional palace of Yogyakarta’s King and become most popular Yogyakarta Places of Interest. It is situated in the center of Yogyakarta as well easy to access from any directions. This Sultan’s palace is also well known as Kraton Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. It is the center of Javanese culture living museum especially for Yogyakarta region.

Watercastle ( Tamansari ) + Underground Mosque ( Sumur Gumuling )

Tamansari a luxury ‘Water castle’ of Sultan lifestyle in the past time. He can bathing or swimming with beautiful girls from all district of Java. Underground Mosque ( Sumur Gumuling ) This place was a mosque before. The downstairs for men prayer and the upstairs for the women prayer.

Entrance Fee Ticket: USD 1,5OPENING HOURS: 8 am – 2 P.M and 8 A.M – 12 A.M (Friday)

Entrance Fee : USD 1,5

Caving Jomblang

Caving Jomblang
Caving Jomblang

Jomblang cave Gunung Kidul southeast of Yogyakarta. cave instructor will drop you down slowly to the base of the hole, 40 meters vertically with a rope attached to your body.

Dry trekking into the other hole, Grubug cave. light is necessary here. nearly to the Grubug hole, you will the rustling of the underground river. eventually light was beginning look and finally, the ray of light is coming down from the hole above us. Arrival in Grubug hole 80 meters above us, 20 meters below us is the underground river. first sight thousand light falling flowstone (cave ornament) ray of light. nice moment for a photo, remember don’t stand on this rock, thousands of years to create this stone from water naturally. The Grubug hole diameter of 15 meters and a depth of 100 meters some expert caver prefer to descending here, more adrenaline they said. many ornaments below us on the underground river, we will go down on the river must be careful here. slippery because every time is wet. back to the base of the Jomblang hole, prepare to ascend up the hole.

the right time a day (somewhere between 10 am to 2 pm), the sun’s rays shine through the opening, illuminating the forest below, creating a mesmerizing sight to feast your eyes on. Because of the remote location and limited daily visitor.

make sure you make a reservation with the contact person for a tour package

Cost: Rp450,000 per pax ($45.60), includes insurance and lunch box

Address: Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta 55893, Indonesia

Best Time to Visit: Visitor must be before 08.00am. Best views of rays are between 1130am to 12 noon.

Timang Beach

Timang Beach

Timang island is a small island. You have a cross the ocean to get there. adrenaline challenge and best experience in your life. Usually fisherman across to island catch lobster using a trap. Sometimes it becomes a favorite place for fishing. But, to get here you have a collect all your courage across the ocean.

Cost: Free entrance Rp. 200.000

For Jeep: Rp. 350.000

Address: Danggolo Purwodadi Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

Best Time to Visit: 09.00am – 16.00pm

Jurang Tembelan

Jurang Tulamben Famous its perfect spots enjoy Sunrise or Sunset. This place is so calm with natural air. Perfect also as your photos background.

Entrance Fee Ticket: USD 2 Address: Mangunan, Dlingo Bantul, Yogyakarta 55783, Indonesia

Pinus Pengger

Pengger pines forest has emerged along the popularity of Imogiri Pines forest the last couple. But the new one is the self-image spot

Cost: Free entrance, but parking fee of Rp10,000 ($1) per car applies. Address: Terong, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta 55783, Indonesia

Best Things to Do Night In Center Yogyakarta

Colour Car South Alon Alon Yogyakarta

Color Car

Brightly coloured illuminated pedal cars in Yogyakarta city

Malioboro Street

One of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is Jalan Malioboro as  name of the street that become a iconic of Yogyakarta city. Malioboro situated  downtown which an icon and also busiest business district in the area. Street is 24 hours a day and extends for 1 km from North to South with historical Dutch colonial-era architecture, new modern building architecture mixed in with the Chinese and contemporary commercial districts. 

Best way explore street by foot, just walking from Stasiun Tugu ( Railway Station) until southern end a junction, known as Nol Kilometer (Zero Kilometers). Another option hiring a becak (pedicab) or wheeled horse-drawn carts called “andong”.

Last Day Best Things to Do Center Yogyakarta

Beringharjo Traditional Market

Beringharjo Traditional Market

Beringharjo market becomes part of Malioboro is worth visiting. This market has been center of economy activity since years ago and its existence has philosophical meaning. The market had been renovated several times symbolizes stages of human life that is busily engaged in its economy fulfillment. Furthermore, Beringharjo is ‘four in one’ poles (consisting of South Square, Sultan Palace, North Square, and Beringharjo market) symbolizing economy functions.

Kota Gede Tourism

Kota Gede

Kota Gede, which is often called Sargede located about five kilometers southeast of Yogyakarta, Kotagede is a neat little town, which was once the seat of the mighty Mataram Empire. Since the 1930, Kotagede has become famous for center of the Yogya silverwork industry. There are a number of workshops where visitors welcome to watch silver being transformed into beautiful works of art known as “Yogya Silver”. Kotagede easily reached by “andong”, horse drawn cart, by taxi, bus, or car.In that cemetery complex one can still visit the cemetery of the Mataram kings like Sutowijoyo or Ngabei Loring Pasar, founder of Mataram Kingdom, who was then called Panembahan Senopati. There also a unique tomb of Ki Ageng Mangir. He was Panembahan Senopati son in law and Panembahan Senopati enemy

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