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Padang Panjang West Sumatra
Padang Panjang West Sumatra

Padang is a popular city as the capital of West Sumatra, Indonesia. This city is one of Indonesia’s wettest cities, with frequent rainfall throughout the year. Padang is a transit point for surfers traveling to Batu Islands and Mentawai. Some tourists who want to visit West Sumatran highlands also transit in Padang. While Padang has many beautiful beaches and some small islands to be visited.
As the largest city on the west coast of Sumatra Island, Padang has a long history. In Minangkabau tambo, Padang is referred to as a wander area. Starting from a fishing village of Minangkabau people, who migrated to Muara Batang Arau, and then developed into a port after the Dutch came to this region. During the Dutch colonial period, the city was a trading center for gold, tea, coffee, and spices.
Start your day by visiting Batang Arau Old Town better known as Padang Old Town. This place is one of the first civilizations in Padang. In the afternoon, enjoy the sunset at Padang Beach. The Minang people call this beach Taplau which means seaside, this beach has a long coastline, and on one side there is an iconic inscription “Padang Kota Tercinta”. This beach, which is located in a dense urban area, stretches from the Purus area to Muara Batang Arau

Lembah Anai Waterfall
Anai Valley Waterfall in Nagari Singgalang, Sepuluh Kota District, Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra is located right on the side of the road. This makes it easier for visitors to reach it. Anai Valley Waterfall is on the left side of the road when traveling from the center of Padang City. This waterfall is in the Anai Valley Nature Reserve area whose sustainability has been protected by the government. Across the waterfall, you can see old railroad tracks that no longer functioning. In the past, the train known as “Mak Itam” crossed the Anai Valley.
To visit Anai Valley Waterfall, tourists only need about 2 hours by motorbike at standard speed from the center of Padang City. The distance is only about ten to 100 meters from the road, sometimes the splash of water reaches the road. If you enjoy it from the road or take any photos, you can do it for free. It is subject to retribution.

Maninjau Lake
Lake Maninjau is one of the four major lakes in West Sumatra was formed by nature, as a result of the eruption of Mount Sitinjau, and in various literatures, it is also referred to as a volcanic lake. Lake Maninjau which is seen as a large basin, surrounded by hills gives extraordinary natural beauty. Maninjau Lake is the second largest and most amazing lake in West Sumatra.
Some tour activities that you can do at this lake are swimming, fishing, and adventuring on a bicycle around the lake. Another path to get to Lake Maninjau is Padang via Bukit Tinggi and continues to Matur, passing the very famous 44th bend. At several points along the 44th bend, you can see the beauty of Lake Maninjau from a height with its blue water.

Ngarai Sianok
Ngarai Sianok is a fault or valley that separates Sumatra Island into two elongated parts called the Semangko Fault. Along this fault, the walls are very steep and perpendicular forming a green valley which is the result of the downward movement of the earth’s crust. This valley has a 100-meter-deep ravine that stretches for 15 kilometers with about 200 meters in width. Ngarai Sianok is also known as the Pendiam Valley, this nickname is pinned because the ambiance around is very calm and peaceful.
Because there are lots of trees, you can hear birds chirping and the calming sound of the river. Apart from enjoying the air in this canyon, you can explore the Sianok River by using a canoe or kayak. The route is from Nagari Valley to Jorong Sitingkai Nagari Palupuh with a travel time of about 3.5 hours. Quite tiring, but the scenery is amazingly cool.

Foto Ngarai Sianok
photo by Agung Hendri – Unsplash

Meanwhile, on the edge of the canyon, you can find various flora and fauna such as medicinal plants and the famous rare flower, the Rafflesia. The fauna that live freely here includes long-tailed monkeys, leopards, hoops, tapirs, and many others. How cool is this Ngarai Sianok? So, if you have a trip to West Sumatra, you have to stop by this Bukittinggi mainstay tour.
To reach this tourist area, you can depart from the airport in the city of Padang. Get off from the airport; continue the journey by land transportation to Bukittinggi which takes about 2 hours. Sianok Canyon is located not far from downtown Bukittinggi; from the city center, there is lots of public transportation that you can find to Sianok.

Gadang Clock
The Gadang Clock is one of the silent witnesses of the journey of the Indonesian nation, starting from the Dutch colonial era. Jam Gadang is a clock tower that is the icon of Bukittinggi City.

The Gadang Clock Tower has 4 clocks with a diameter of 80 cm on each side. On the bell part, there is a watchmaker, named Vortmann Recklinghausen. The clock itself was a gift from Netherlands Queen, Wilhelmina.
Since its establishment, this clock tower has had three changes to the shape of its roof. Initially founded during the reign of the Dutch East Indies, the roof of Jam Gadang is round, there is a rooster statue facing east on the top.
If you want to enjoy the charm of Gadang Clock Tower, the right time to visit is at dusk. It can give a deep serene impression.