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Explore the True Gems in Indonesia: The Incredible Nias Island

Nias Surfing


Nias Island lies about 125 km of west Sumatra Island on the Indian Ocean. It is part of North Sumatra Province. This is one of the true hidden gems of the Indonesia archipelago and waiting to be fully explored. Previously, this island was less attractive because of the lack of facilities and inadequate access to the island. But recent improvements in infrastructure mean that Nias is now accessible to anyone and ready to greet you all. The Nias highlights are world-class surfing, a unique culture and a coast line dotted with incredible beaches and small paradise islands. Nestled among the green hills inland are waterfalls, caves and traditional villages.

Nias City

The beautiful small town of Teluk Dalam is an amazing blend of beautiful scenery, unique culture and interesting history, located on the southern tip of Nias Island, North Sumatra. Teluk Dalam is a place where surfers from all over the world gather to try to conquer the waves which incredibly thrilling. This downtown is also the site of the feat of ‘stone jumping’, a well-known traditional act, a thrilling sport that requires great acrobatic skills and athletic ability
Teluk Dalam is the capital city of South Nias Regency which is administratively located in North Sumatra Province. In English, Teluk Dalam translates to “Deep Gulf”. If you’re interested in the life of traditional Nias people, this is the place. Teluk Dalam villages are close to one another and each is steeped in unique Nias traditions and architecture. Near Teluk Dalam you can also see Megalithic relics located in Orahili Village, Gomo District. This large stone slab is located among the hills near the Gomo River. According to local history, megalithic stones are part of settlements dating from the Early Stone Age (Neolithicum) around 1,000 BC to 1,500 BC.

Nias Island is the ultimate recommend for all surfer in the world; with Sorake as base early surf explorers scoured Nias and nearby islands looking for waves. The best time to surf on Nias is between May to September, but in some years, can stretch from April to October. It depends of the seasons. June to August has the largest swell and this is the time when International competiotions have been held on Nias.

Nias Surfing
Nias Surfing

It is located in the south of Nias and about 20 minutes’ walk from the Sorake. Lagundri is the most famous destination in Nias, especially for the surfers. Lagundri has a famous wave called The Point and listed as the top-ten lists of the best waves in the world. The wave is very consistent and easily accessed. Not only for expert surfers, many beginners’ surfers also come to Lagundri Bay in the low season, when the waves are smaller than during the April to October swell.

Another Nias Destination Highlights
When you arrive in Nias island and want to visit village tourism, you can go to Botohilitano and Bawomataluo village to see traditional village with the King’s House made from massive wood. Bawomataluo lies about 15 miles from the heart of Teluk Dalam. This village is located on a hill about 400 meters above sea level. The houses in this village are all built using Nias traditional architecture, known as Omo Nifolasara, which has been used for hundreds of years. These unique houses were built facing each other leaving a large courtyard in between, which to this day is still used as a stage for traditional art performances such as the famous stone or boulder jumping (Fahombo/Hombo Batu) and the War Dance. For another villages, go to Orahili and Hilisimaetano traditional villages to see the habitual life of Nias tribe.  Also, visit the northern Nias traditional houses at Tumori village.
For historical tours, observed the megalithic cultures and the way life of Nias tribe. Drive to Lahusa and explore to the oldest Megalith site at Lahusa Satu. Tetegewo, Tuhegeowe and Tundru Baho.

How to reach Nias Island?
The easy way to reach Nias is by air. The gateway to Nias is Medan which has international airport, known as Kuala Namu International Airport (KNO). From Medan, you will flight to Binaka Airport (GNS) in Gunung Sitoli town of Nias. Gunung Sitoli is the largest town on Nias and is the center town of the island. Binaka Airport is served by 7 daily direct flights from Medan.

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