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Unlock the Power of Learning: The Ultimate Educational Student Tour Experience

Student Experience Tour

JAVAINDOECOTOURISM is the special program ecotourism student group in Indonesia. program is designed especially for the campus or school in a very attractive and innovative. Hence, the program could bring your student into exciting travel experiences in Indonesia. Our programs based on tailor-made or perfectly suggestion and advice student tours objectives.

JAVAINDOECOTOURISM is a reliable event organizer providing Education School Travel Programs with the concept of learning by doing, team challenges, sustainability and sustainable building, socializing, fun and experiential learning. We are also delighted to provide the education school travel programs by accommodating you.

Unlock the power of learning on our exceptional student tour.

Program of education Student and university travels program in Indonesia :

We have assigned the perfect culture activities that your group can learn by doing the following culture lessons includes Traditional Gamelan, Balinese Dance, Batik Painting, Egg Painting, Balinese Painting, Wood Carving, Kite Painting, Making Balinese Offering and Balinese Cooking Lesson.

Visit Programs for student and teacher group to visit appointed school in Indonesia invite the group participants to involve communication to the local student or teachers. They can share their experiences and information with each other.

Farming Activities are the unique activities We design the farming activities on both lands either wet or dry land those are all involving and do farming on the field directly. Here, the student will learn how to be a farmer from planting up to harvest.


Cleaning the beach activities

Our special activities based on tailor-made or suggestion advice the student group trip objective. We can provide the special group activities includes Cooking Class, Team Building, Charity, camping, Appreciation Night with Cultures Performances, etc.

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