Lombok Tourism Highlight

Lombok Paradise Island

Lombok may not be as well known its neighbor Bali, but this might actually an advantage, it gives you the chance to enjoy its splendors up close and personally. Lombok has so much for you to see and experience.

It all ranges from the deep blue seas to the unique blending of Islamic and Hindu cultures to the cool waterfalls in green mountain glens to the challenging climb up Mt. Rinjani. You can find it all here on Lombok! The Following Lombok Tourism Highlights can help you out for plan holiday.

Lombok Beaches
Lombok many gorgeous beaches such as Seger Beach, Kuta beach, Tanjung A’an beaches, Mawun beaches, Mawi beach, Gerupuk Beach, Ekas Bay, Senggigi beach, Sire beach and more! Come enjoy the breathtaking crystal blue water and untouched white sand beaches!

The Gili Islands
Off the North West coast of Lombok, about 20 km north of Senggigi, you can find the famous trio of islands known as “THE GILIS”: GILI AIR, GILI MENO, and GILI TRAWANGAN. All have spectacular white sandy beaches, sparkling blue water and are encircled by beautiful Coral Reefs containing very rare blue coral and thousands of species of marine life. Snorkellers and divers flock to these islands to indulge in an underwater fantasy.

Off the southwest coast of Lombok (Sekotong Area), about one hour drive from Mataram, the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara, you can find some other Gili Islands. There a lot of small islands in this area. All of these islands have beautiful underwater marine life, clear, white sand and gorgeous beaches. The ideal places for sunbathing, snorkeling, feeding fish and of course, peacefully relaxing!

Mount Rinjani
Mt. Rinjani the second highest peak in Indonesia standing at majestic 3726 meters, part of the celebrated ”ring of fire”. dramatic landscape has been created over a million years of cone-building, violent explosions, and erosion. Forested slopes rising directly from sea create their own weather pattern and act as water – collectors for the whole Lombok.

Mt Rinjani, Lombok famous volcano, has been attracting thousands of trekkers and climbers annually. the huge crater near the top contains a beautiful lake, Segara Anak lake ( Child Of the Sea Lake ) and a smaller volcanic cone called Gunung Baru Jari which was formed a couple of hundred years ago. There number of caves, small waterfalls and hot springs located around the volcano.

In 2004 Rinjani won the world legacy award and volcano is recognized internationally as an important eco-tourism destination. And last erupted is on 22 and 23 November 2010, the eruption was not huge and not impacting to trekkers or villagers around the volcano.

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