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Things to do Komodo Island

Nature’s wonder: Padar Island

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If you now think that Gili Lawa’s view has to be the best that the area has to offer, it’s up for debate, as the Komodo National Park is chock full of nothing but great views.

And another sight you have to catch at least once is found on Padar island, the third largest island in the park. It’s right between Komodo and Rinca island, so you’ll have to pass by it during your tour.


Things to do Sumba Island

Sumba Island

Kenawa Island Sumba

Small island, located in Alas Strait just 15 minutes by boat from the fisherman village of Poto Tano, this is such a pretty spot that welcoming your visit to the island of Sumbawa.The island offers you the beauty of prairie and a spectacular sight from the top of its hill.Kenawa island is also a fabulous place to see the amazing sunset and sunrise and Rinjani mountain will be a beautiful backdrop during the sunset time.



Bwanna Beach Sumba

The beach of Bwanna is a long clear colorful sand beach under the majestic cliff heading to the indian ocean makes this places extraordinary. whilst the beauty is unquestionable, the beach still unknown by most tourist, which make it almost private and very clean.

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