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Best Spots Instagramable in Yogyakarta

The number one of Destination in Indonesia. Borobudur Temple built by King Samaratungga between 8th until the 9th century, Borobudur not only has a very high artistic value, a great work as the evidence of human civilization in the past is loaded with philosophical values. the Borobudur may be crowded at times. The best time to see it is early morning for Sunrise and late afternoon for Sunset.

Entrance Fee Borobudur Sunrise and Sunset from Manohara Hotel 420.000 IDR

Getting There for Sunrise from Yogyakarta Early Morning 03.30am

  • Sunrise Mt Merapi Using 4 WD Jeep

Mount Merapi active volcano as your backdrop. Pose with a jeep, and look cooler ten folds. best time to visit Mount Merapi is leaving early morning

Cost:  Rp350,000 per jeep which can sit up to 4 pax. ($35.5)
Merapi Museum Kaliurang Km 22,6 Sleman Yogyakarta (an hour drive from the city)
Best Time to Visit: before sunrise

  • Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is one of eight inscribed UNESCO heritage sites in Indonesia. Built the 9th century, this majestic Hindu temple which was actually built later in the 12th century. we hear that sunset view in Prambanan is amazing too.

Cost: Rp325,000 Adult ($33), Rp195,000 Student ($20)
 Bokoharjo Sleman Regency, Special Region Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Water Castle ( Taman Sari )

Water castle an ancient palace that was once the recreational garden and prayer house of Sultan Yogyakarta. Get lost within its hidden chambers underground and scout for best photo spots where the sun rays hit.

Cost: Rp15,000 per pax ($1.50)
Patehan Kraton, Special Region Yogyakarta 55133, Indonesia
Best Time to Visit:
When first open at 9 am or just before closes at 3 pm

  • Caving Jomblang

Jomblang cave Gunung Kidul southeast of Yogyakarta.

cave instructor will drop you down slowly to the base of the hole, 40 meters vertically with a rope attached to your body.

Dry trekking into the other hole, Grubug cave. light is necessary here. nearly to the Grubug hole, you will the rustling of the underground river. eventually the light was beginning to look and finally, the ray of light is coming down from the hole above us. Arrival in Grubug hole 80 meters above us, 20 meters below us is the underground river. first sight a thousand light falling on the flowstone (cave ornament) the ray of light. nice moment for a photo, remember don’t stand on this rock, thousands of years to create this stone from water naturally. The Grubug hole diameter of 15 meters and a depth of 100 meters some expert caver prefer to descending here, more adrenaline they said. many ornaments below us on the underground river, we will go down on the river must be careful here. slippery because every time is wet. back to the base of the Jomblang hole, prepare to ascend up the hole.

the right time of the day (somewhere between 10 am to 2 pm), the sun’s rays shine through the opening, illuminating the forest below, creating a mesmerizing sight to feast your eyes on.

Because the remote location and limited daily visitor, make sure you make a reservation with the contact person for a tour package

Cost: Rp450,000 per pax ($45.60), includes insurance and lunch box
Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55893, Indonesia
Best Time to Visit:
Visitor must be before 08.00am. Best views of rays are between 1130am to 12 noon.

  • Kalibiru National Park

Kalibiru National Park is a beautiful park of lush nature, peaceful environment, and beautiful views. The park is located in Menoreh hills, at 450 meters above sea level. Except for beautiful nature and views, the park offers great sunsets and fun outdoor activities, such as treetops that offers great views, flying fox and trekking paths that range from 1,5 to 7 kilometers.

  • Ratu Boko Temple

Ratu Boko or Ratu Boko Palace is a historical site derived from the Hindu and Buddhist dynasties that can now be seen in the form of ruins and temple-like buildings. The site situated on top of a hill that was once a palace. The site located in the village of Dawung and Sambireja Village, close to Prambanan temple which is very easy to reach about 3 kilometers. location of Ratu Boko is also adjacent to other Hindu temples like Kalasan Temple, Sewu Temple, Plaosan Temple, Sambisari Temple, and others.

Cost: Free entrance Rp. 337.500
Dawung Villages and Sambirejo Villages Yogyakarta
Best Time to Visit:
Late afternoon before the sunset.

  • Jurang Tembelan

Jurang Tulamben Famous its perfect spots to enjoy Sunrise or Sunset. This place is so calm with natural air. Perfect also as your photos background.

Address: Mangunan, Dlingo Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55783, Indonesia

  • Chicken Church

highest point the Chicken Church is also a great lookout overseeing the Magelang region, and you can even spot Borobudur temple in the distance.

Cost: Rp30,000 per pax (~S$3)
Jalan Raya Borobudur Salaman Km. 2.5 Wringin Putih, Magelang

  • Pinus Pengger

Pengger pines forest has emerged along the popularity of Imogiri Pines forest the last couple. But the new one is the self-image spot

Cost: Free entrance, but parking fee of Rp10,000 ($1) per car applies.
Terong, Dlingo, Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55783, Indonesia

  • Sandboarding Parang Kusumo Sand dunes

Sandboarding in Parangkusumo sand Dunes as located west of Parangkusumo Beach, one of the small area in Parangtritis Beach area. This is only sand dunes found in Southeast Asia. The journey to the sand dunes is quite easy, being on the path connecting Parangtritis Beach with Depok Beach.

  • Timang Beach

Timang island is a small island. You have to cross the ocean to get there. adrenaline challenge and best experience in your life. Usually fisherman across to island to catch lobster using a trap. Sometimes it becomes a favorite place for fishing. But, to get here you have to collect all your courage across the ocean.

Cost: Free entrance Rp. 200.000

For Jeep: Rp. 350.000
Danggolo Purwodadi Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta
Best Time to Visit:
09.00am – 16.00pm

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