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Mount Bromo: The Best Sunrise Spot – The Volcano Crater Tour

Bromo Sunrise

Bromo sunrise and volcano tour is one of the most amazing travel experiences that you will not find anywhere in the world. Climbing the crater of Mount Bromo in Java isn’t too difficult and you can look straight up at the smoking volcano, complete with the pungent smell of sulfur. If you visit the island of Java, make sure you stop by Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater, along with some epic waterfalls, before ending your trip in Bali.
Bromo located between Malang, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Probolinggo, and you can visit it from any of those places. Together with the wide desert, easy to climb hills, the temperature at the top is cold and mild. Whether you go on a tour package or not, Mount Bromo volcano is a ‘bucket list’ item that you shouldn’t miss on your travels through Indonesia, and you can even travel from Bali to Mount Bromo without too hassle.
Mount Bromo is actually one of five peaks located in sea of sand (Tengger Cadera) at the top of the mountain, with Bromo and Batok as the most popular. You can see the famous cluster of 5 volcanoes (including Bromo), and Java’s highest mountain Semeru puffing smoke in the background. Bromo is very popular for many reasons, including other views, stunning sunrises, and overall majestic views of the mountain peaks. However, Bromo is also home to the Tengger tribe.
There are many places for you to enjoy the beautiful sunrise at Bromo. The most popular spot is Mount Penanjakan, which is located on the western border of Tengger Caldera. Mount Penanjakan is higher than any peak in the caldera and is ideal spot to enjoy the sunrise with the sea of sand and peaks in the foreground. Needless to say, this volcano is an incredible sight

Bromo Whispering Sand
There is a bowl-shaped caldera with sand and five peaks. It can be said that the bottom of this caldera is a vast sea of sand. When Bromo was not that popular yet, people would often hear whispers while traveling through the sand dunes. The experience was so special that many people report the same phenomenon with the fantastic title: the whispering sands of Bromo. It’s a perfect photo spot with the steep ridges of the Mount Widodaren volcano in the background.

The Yadnya Kasada Ceremony
Yadnya Kasada is a ritual sacrifice to the crater of Mount Bromo which is held once a year every Kasada month on the 14th day of the traditional Hindu Tengger calendar. Various offerings, from food, agricultural products to livestock such as chickens and goats, are floated into the crater as an offering to Lord.

The peak of Yadnya Kasada is held when the full moon illuminates the Bromo crater. The people of Tengger tribe hold prayers at the Luhur Poten Temple which located at the foot of Mount Bromo and then throw offerings into the crater. What month is this ceremony held? Usually Kasada is held between March – June.

Best Time to Visit
There’s not really a best month to visit Mount Bromo, although any time in the dry season is definitely ideal. Indonesia’s dry season runs from April to October (applies to East Java too), and during this time there’s less rain and the mountain in best view. You can still visit Mount Bromo during the rainy season in East Java (November to March), but if it’s cloudy you may miss the sunrise and the iconic view of the volcanoes.

How to Visit Mount Bromo
The easiest way to visit Bromo is to fly to Malang or Surabaya, then book a day tour from there. Bali has direct flights to Malang (MLG) and Surabaya (SUB) every day.

If you still want to stay in city around Bromo, you can look for hotels in Malang and Surabaya areas. However, if you want to spend the night in the Bromo area, there are many homestays and hotels near Bromo too.

What’s Around Bromo
There are many destinations near Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia, including the spectacular Tumpak Sewu Waterfall and many other beautiful waterfalls near Malang and Probolinggo. After visiting Mount Bromo, most tourists head to Ijen Crater, a spectacular crater lake on the eastern tip of Java island. You can even climb Mount Semeru, which is the highest mountain in Java. This is the top of the volcano you see erupting in behind Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

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