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Alor Island
Alor Island

Alor is an Indonesian island located east of Bali and Flores, and north of Timor. Its position is in a coral triangle, with the Savu Sea to the south, and the Banda Sea to the north. It is located in the southeastern part of Indonesia in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, at the eastern Lesser Sunda islands. The Alor Islands consist of the main islands of Alor and Pantar and 14 small islands, of whom 9 are inhabited. The traditional dance, lego-lego, is the heart and soul of the Alor people.

What’s around Alor?
You’ll find rugged mountains, arid savannas, and lush rainforests. These small, rugged, and strikingly beautiful islands -dominated by jagged mountains and steep valleys- have divided the islands into many different ethnic groups.
If you are looking for first-class diving and prefer an authentic setting over the usual tourist spots, come to these beautiful islands to experience the amazing marine life.
The Alor-Pantar Strait is famous for its bottomless coral walls, diverse marine life, and clear water. Many areas are ideal for snorkelers.
Alor offers some of the best diving in Indonesia. Alor is a hidden paradise for marine biodiversity, with incredible coral reefs, unique anemone gardens, and excellent diving spots. The Bama Wall, sometimes called the “Pantar Great Wall”.

How to get to Alor
The most direct route to Alor is via Bali or Jakarta. After spending the night in Bali or Jakarta, there are daily flights to Kupang (KOE), and from Kupang to Alor Mali Airport (ARD).