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Borneo Orangutan Tour

Borneo Orangutan Tour

Borneo TourTanjung Puting National Park ( Central Kalimantan Indonesia )

Tanjung Puting popular tourist destination in Kalimantan and for good reason, the park is easily reached by direct flights from Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya.

The park is best seen from a Klotok, a ramshackle, multistorey romantic liveaboard boat that travels up Sungai Sekonyer from Kumai to the legendary rehabilitation center at Camp Leakey and stopping to convene with semi-wild orang-utans at the three main feeding stations. The trip is still a fine introduction to the rainforest and one of the most memorable experiences Kalimantan

Kutai National Park ( East Kalimantan Indonesia )

Kutai National Park is located in East Kalimantan on Indonesian Borneo and is home to around two thousand orangutans. which has left only 30% of the original forest behind. This means that the forest is no longer the green wonderland it was, but it is on its way to recovery and still worth a visit.

There are two main access points for tourists to the park. Along the road between Sangatta and Bontang, you’ll find Sangkima, with a number of old national park buildings still standing. It provides fantastic photo opportunities of the orangutans, otters and monitors lizards from the easily accessible loop platform. Sangkima has a walking trail and boardwalk that will take you to one of the largest trees of the forest.

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