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For most Indonesians and some foreigners, Banyuwangi was known as a stopover when traveling to the heavenly Island of the Gods, Bali. Little do know, Banyuwangi holds more than a few hidden gems on its own just waiting to be uncovered.
Located on the eastern tip of Java, Banyuwangi is a good base for exploring some of East Java’s unforgettable features. where you can start your adventure from Here.

How to Get from Bali to East Java by Private Car and Ferry

The fastest way overland (and sea) to get from Bali to Banyuwangi is hiring a driver and car to take you directly from your Bali hotel to your Banyuwangi hotel. The ferry that runs only the sea route from Bali to Java, from Gilimanuk ferry port in West Bali to Ketapang port in East Java, is a vehicle ferry. Your hotel can arrange a driver. The entire journey should take around 4 -5 hours; the ferry takes 45 minutes and the drive from Ketapang to Banyuwangi’s First Trip to visit Ijen Crater is around 1 hour.

How to Get from Bali to Java East Java by Plane

The easiest way, of course, is to take the short (1 hour 25 minutes) flight from Jakarta to Banyuwangi. There are currently eight flights a day with Garuda, Citilink, Lion, and PT. Nam Air

1. Electric Blue Flames of Ijen Crater

Although Indonesia’s landscape is dotted with volcanoes, Mount Ijen is one of the most spectacular natural formations you would ever experience.
Positioned at the peak of the mountain, exactly 2,443 meters above sea level, a caldera lake retains the saltiest water in the world. This turquoise acidic crater lake with foggy sulfur fumes is the main highlight at Ijen The best time to visit the crater is early in the morning to catch the sunrise. Also, a time when you can watch the labor-intensive sulfur mining operations in action, during which sulfur-laden baskets are carried by hand from the crater floor.

Best Time to Visit: Early Morning 12.30 Night from Banyuwangi including to catch the sunrise.

Entrance Fee: Foreign (Weekday: IDR 100.000 ) (Weekend: IDR 150.000 )

Rent Car: Jeep IDR 500.000

2. Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park

largest natural savanna in Java, you will feel stepped into an African safari. Don’t be surprised if you random chance upon a herd of deer galloping freely, a peacock opening his graceful tail, a troop of bulls, a dozen eagles hunting for prey, or a group of monkeys swinging around in the trees, alongside herds of mice, storks, and more. Get ready to meet local fauna in this rich habitat! You can also camp at the national park – a campsite and guesthouse with basic utilities have been set up.

And while you are here overnight, you don’t want to miss catching a photo of the sunrise the next day – it’s a most spectacular one where the sun slowly goes up on the foggy sidelines. You can also enter before official opening hours to watch the sunrise, but you will need to call the office to arrange your visit the day before.      ( )

Entrance Fee Ticket
Local Visitor: Weekday IDR 15.000 and Weekend IDR 17.5000
Foreign Visitor: Weekday IDR 150.000 and Weekend IDR 225.000

3. GLAND ( Plengkung Beach Alas Purwo National Park )

Indonesia is most proud of  Plengkung Beach eastern tip of Java Island. Aside from enchanting natural beauty, the long curving coastline here is recognized as one of the best surfing sites on the face of the earth. More familiar among the world’s international surfers as G-land, the beach, located in the Banyuwangi Regency, is a paradise for surfers offering some of the most outstanding waves in the world. Plengkung Beach Seven Giant Waves Wonder international surfers for its legendary 7 rolls of waves that can reach up to 6 meters high.
The popular name G-land itself has been given by surfers, where the G is said to refer to three different meanings; “Great”, “Green” or “Green Land”, and “Grajagan”. Also, others suggest the name G-Land was given because of the curving coast of Plengkung Beach which resembles the letter “G”.
G-Land waves are unique in that they break after 1-2 km, rolling from east to west with heights reaching 4-6 meters in about 5-minute intervals. This is hugely favored among surfers since they can enjoy thrilling long barrels. No wonder the beach has hosted at least five international surfing championships. With seven layers of towering waves constantly hitting shores going to the left formation, G-land is also a favorite with left-handed surfers.
Waves of G-land are considered 2nd best waves in the world after Hawaii. Whereas Hawaii offers constant waves all year, the peak of waves in Plengkung Beach occurs predominantly between April to August. Plengkung and Hawaii, have similar waves only in Australia and South Africa.

Location: Alas Purwo National Park

How to get there
From Banyuwangi, you can take a motorbike to Tegaldlimo for about 2 hours. about 30 minutes to one hour to Pos Panacur at Alas Purwo National Park. From Pos Pancur, you can reach Plengkung Beach by walking for 2 hours, renting a jeep, or renting a trail bike from the National Park.

Local Visitor: Weekday IDR 15.000 and Weekend IDR 17.5000
Foreign Visitor: Weekday IDR 150.000 and Weekend IDR 225.000

4. Sukamade Releasing Baby Turtle

Traveling to East Java will bring you to many natural charms. Meru Betiri National Park is located in Pesanggaran District Banyuwangi, East Java Province. Sukamade Beach is the tranquil nesting ground for endangered turtle species such as leatherback, hawksbill, and green turtles.
The amazing natural events of sea turtles laying their eggs here at night. Or, participate in escorting baby turtles back to the ocean after spending some time in the local breeding facility which cares for their early well-being.
In Rajegwesi Beach you can swim or observe traditional fishermen. Green Bay is a crystal clear marine tourism where you can enjoy the astonishing turquoise waters.

Location : Meru Betiri National Park, Sarongan Village, Pesanggaran Subdistrict, Banyuwangi, East Java.

How to get there
The road to Sukamade Beach is direct to Teluk Hijau Beach or Rajegwesi. From Banyuwangi city, drive to Pesanggaran – Sarongan – Rajegwesi – Sukamade. The distance to Green Bay is about 15 km, and it is a slow road due to rocks and the river. You can travel by motorbike or car.

Rent Jeep IDR 1.250.000
Local Visitor: Weekday IDR 15.000 and Weekend IDR 17.5000
Foreign Visitor: Weekday IDR 150.000 and Weekend IDR 225.000

5. Teluk Hijau (Green Bay)

Green Bay is another captivating wonder at Meru Betiri National Park.  Enjoy the breathtaking views of turquoise water and a shoreline of white grains of sand backed by a beautiful lush green forest. This is a quiet, clean, and tranquil spot to bury yourself in the sand. A small waterfall and fresh cool stream provide a natural shower to cleanse yourself from the briny water. You can see appear some monkeys, but please be sure not to feed them.  Also read the message at the entrance which says: Do not leave anything but footprints.  Do not take anything but pictures. Let’s keep the environment clean and natural.

How to get there:

To arrive at the edge of the Green Bay beach, visitors can choose several options: by land or by sea. The land trip requires off-road transportation with a skillful guide and driver. The second option.
You can drive towards Rajegwesi Beach, and continue using a traditional fishing boat to Green Bay Beach. Make sure to use a life vest to keep safe on your journey. There’s also a more adventurous trekking path if you like to explore the surroundings before hitting the clear aquamarine water.

6. Wedi Ireng Beach

Banyuwangi beach
Banyuwangi beach

Indulge yourself with a sunbathe on the beach mixed with volcanic black sand with pearl white warm sands. Wedi Ireng is one of Banyuwangi’s hidden Eden. With a beautiful landscape, this quiet beach is perfect for watching sunrise and sunset. Swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing on the beach will bring wonderful memories of  Banyuwangi. While enjoying at leisure, ensure your safety, so please take note of the boundaries and caution signs about the waves.

7. Tabuhan Beach Island

This charming beach has clean, white sand and amazingly clear water with color gradations.
Just opposite the Bali island part of the district of Banyuwangi East Java, lies a gem of an island called Tabuhan, located right in the Bali Straits. As a small island, Tabuhan has wide sandy beaches, fabulous underwater life, interesting plants and animals, some of them endangered, and has been discovered to be ideal for kiteboarding.
Location: Bangsring village, Wongsorejo subdistrict, Banyuwangi district

How to get there
From Banyuwangi, follow the road north to Bangsring village. From the village, you can rent a boat to Tabuhan beach. around 30 minutes the boat has a capacity of 10 passengers

8. Pulau Merah Beach

Red Island

Red Island Beach has mesmerized tourists with its soft sandy beach and long coastline. This beach has red soil and green vegetation in its small mountain-like shape. At low tide, visitors can walk across and explore the island. The origin name sees this from different points of view. The red sand is a mixture of the white sand and the red soil that comes from the nearby island. Others say that the name is from the stunning sunsets of the beach with a reddish hue. Surfers from around the world come to explore the waves. The waves are two meters high, this beach is perfect for training your surf skills. Red Beach is the most popular for families but doesn’t allow swimming here because of the strong waves of the Indian Ocean.

How to get there :

This beach is easy to access from Banyuwangi’s city center. The Red Island Beach lies about 60 kilometers south of the city and it will take about two and a half hours’ drive to reach this marvelous shoreline.

9. Kalibaru Plantation and Travelling by train

Starting from Kalibaru station to Marwan station, the rail tour will take you through coffee plantations 400 meters high, passing through Mount Gumitir with its fresh air, and in a dark tunnel, you can snap some quick photos.
And visit Mini Plantation ( Coffee, Nutmeg, Cacao )

10. Raung Mountain

If you like adrenaline travel, take the challenge to climb the second-highest mountain in East Java, Mount Raung. but before you get all excited, bear in mind that hiking this mountain is very tough and requires prior hiking experience. ( Equator-Indonesia )

11. Lider Waterfall

Lider waterfall is located in Sragi hamlet, Sumber Arum village, Songgon sub-district, Banyuwang. This waterfall-protected area and monitoring Resort Forest Management AreaThe waterfall located on the east slopes of Raung Mountain is about 45 km from Banyuwangi city. The waterfall is easily by public transportation and it is 1,300 meters high.
What makes Lider Waterfall special? It has a cool atmosphere, natural green sightseeing with trees and rock lining at the bottom of the river, and sparkling water over the walls.

12. Jawatan Benculuk

Jawatan Benculuk Banyuwangi
Jawatan Benculuk Banyuwangi

This place has big unique trees. looks like a magical forest in a film. Worth it. A good place for photography spot. Easy to reach

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