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Javaindo Ecotourism

Banyuwangi Ecotourism Program Interaction with local people, activities villages and Wildlife Conservation

Banyuwangi Villages Tourism that we offer all tourist or student or companies. Rural activities such as rice cultivation, learning Batik, learning to make traditional food, studying Gamelan, plowing fields, and traditional games. Interaction with farmers and activities villages cleaning with trash hero. Wild Life Conservation ( Turtle Foundation ), Coral Planting Program

Activities Banyuwangi Ecotourism :

  • Agriculture ( Plowing and smoothing fields using cattle or buffalo, Planting rice in the rice fields

  • Art ( Learnig Gamelan, Learning Traditional Dance, Batik Painting )

  • Traditional Games

  • Cycling Villages

  • Cooking Class

  • Cleaning with trash hero in One Destination ( Ijen Crater, Sukamade Beach, Baluran National Park

  • Turtle Foundation

  • Coral Planting & Workshop

  • Traditional Coffee Roasting
  • Local Homestay